Rumors of Rats

It was about 12:30 in the AM when James and I hit the streets. The island was mostly quiet, some light conversations could still be heard from dark porches where only the glow of lit cigarettes could be seen. The loudest sounds came from unsecured screen doors as they slammed open and shut in the strong sea breezes. It was a moonless night as the pier lights had gone dark over an hour ago, helping the stars to parade out in all their glory.

James took a long pull on his bottle of Motts apple juice and tucked the remnants back into his breast pocket. I was doing my best to walk a straight line but my body was still rolling with waves stirred up from a day at the beach. A combination of blue ribbon beer and black label bourbon had left me on skates during this late night hunt.

We were following some leads that Maddy had dug up the night before down at the pier. She was playing 8 ball with some Merchant Marines who had just finished a 6 month cruise that included a pass through the Dragon Sea. While in the Devil’s Triangle the men met up with a Chinese fishing vessel full of gossiping sailors. Rumor had it that Ratman was recently spotted sailing just off the Carolina coast.

Esoteric riddles, legends and ancient folklore had begun arriving from the South China seas in early April. It has been prophesied that the Cemelopardalid meteor shower, which is due to arrive early Saturday morning, will herald in a new age. The passing meteors will supposedly grant Ratman and his legion of followers the power necessary to overthrow the gatekeepers to the troglodytes.

Such a cosmic shift in the balance of power could cause Samson to push down the pillars of our world for good. I tried to remain calm in the light of these new revelations but it was hard to keep my eyes off the stars as we pushed on. Only time will tell what tomorrow has in store for us, I can only hope the prophecy is wrong. Trust in God folks but paddle clear of the rocks.


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