Chicks Dig Pilots

I Received a small helicopter for Christmas last year. I took to flying fairly easy, almost as if I had been a pilot in a former life. I started with the basics such as take offs, controlled hovers and smooth landings. Worked on some touch and go stuff in the living room and found immediate success with low altitude fly bys in the bedroom.

I was planning to do some outdoor night operations with the boy but we got grounded due to high winds. We are keeping fingers and toes crossed that we get a green light tonight. Put some bids in on eBay this morning and hope to have a bomber jacket by the weekend. Probably gonna start smoking a pipe soon but not before I get the required jacket and glasses.

My wife repeatedly made me aware of the peril I was placing our family in as I practiced my stick skills. Apparantly these remote controlled choppers are flying death machines, hell bent on maiming and killing the innocent. I’m not sure if they are capable of decapitation but judging by my wife’s hysterics it just might be possible.

At first I assumed the high pitch squeal was a faulty rotor blade threatening to come loose. It wasn’t until I touched down for a recharge that I discovered it was my wife, panicked and cowering in the corner, blabbering unintelligible threats. Makes me wonder why she bought me this finely tuned miracle of flight. I can only assume that it’s because deep down she knows she married an ace and try as she might, she can never keep this ace grounded for long.


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