The Ghost inside my iPhone.


It’s been close to six months since I purchased my iPhone. I always told myself that I would never own a smart phone, never cave to the temptation of that forbidden fruit.

I often feel that the phone is controlling me rather than me it. The phone knows me better than I do myself. It knows my habits, my daily travels, my friends and relatives, even my kinks. God help us all if our phones or our pets ever begin to talk.

After leaving the military, I spent a couple years at community college, earning my associates on the GI bill. I can’t say that I learned much other than the ability to regurgitate authorized opinions from authorized textbooks.

There was a Philosophy teacher whose class I thoroughly enjoyed, an older gentlemen who taught for part time fun rather than a full time career. His name has long been forgotten but I can still picture his face as he began each class with a joke or an update on his ever struggling golf game. He owned an old fashioned typewriter on which he would type up our exams, then run off to the copy machine to produce separate copies for each student.

A student once asked him why in the world he was still using a typewriter in this age of modern computers. His answer was the one thing from college that has stuck with me after all these years.

In a very nonchalant manner, he informed the student that he didn’t own a computer. Completely baffled, the student asked him why, to which he simply replied “I think it takes away from my humanity”.

At the time I didn’t fully understand the meaning of this casted pearl. The more I play with my iPhone or perhaps the more it plays with me, the better I understand the words of an old thinking man.


4 thoughts on “The Ghost inside my iPhone.

  1. I can’t tell you how often I check my phone. Check twitter, check Facebook, check wordpress, look at Instagram and vine, watch the new videos that show up in my YouTube subscription box. Then when I’ve done my rounds, I’m bored. So I start over again, looking for new updates!
    It’s weird to me! I’ve realized too that it almost feels like the phone is in control and I’m just along for the ride. How?!

    1. Absolutely, I feel like a hamster sometimes as I pedal away in cyberspace. I even downloaded a couple of games that require constant babysitting. All this data is making me claustrophobic.

      1. Oh god, the games. I don’t even know how many games I’ve downloaded, obsessed over for days (uhh.. maybe weeks) and then gotten sick of playing, but don’t want to get rid of because off all the work I initially put in.
        It’s a trap!

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