Sexy Secrets of Yahoo’s Spam Folder

Just found out I need to check my yahoo spam folder more often. Some chick named Adriana has been trying to contact me on Facebook for weeks. I’m not sure where she’s from but according to her messages it’s only 4.2 miles from my current location.

Turns out Adriana is super “chill” and she can’t stand no drama. She loves to have fun and enjoys taking sexy pictures of herself and her sexy friends. The ladies recently acquired a new webcam and it’s always on no matter what the girls are up to.

Poor girl, she wrote to tell me that she and her beau are no longer an item. She looked at my photos because she thinks I’m super sexy and wants to hang out sometime. The conversation got really dirty after that so it will stay between me and Adriana.

I did find it kind of strange that she sent me a link to some website instead of her email address. Looks like I need a credit card just to tell this poor girl I’m spoken for. SMH. Adriana honey, if you’re reading this you need to know I’m married. Don’t worry honey, there’s a man out there for you somewhere just give it time. Please tell all your sexy friends the same.

All the best,


9 thoughts on “Sexy Secrets of Yahoo’s Spam Folder

      1. She’s been trying to get in touch with me for weeks. Me thinks she prefers the ladies…

    1. In light of these new revelations, I’m starting to think Adriana is full of shit. I knew she had a thing for the ladies from her days in a Catholic Nursing Sorority but this is too much. How many folks is this girl emailing? SMH.

      1. I don’t know, but this bitch has been emailing my husband as well! I’d be cautious of her intentions….

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