Kitchen Nightmares! (A review for all episodes)

Just finished watching the “Pantaleones” episode of Kitchen Nightmares and it totally blew my balls off! I thought there was no way in hell this stubborn owner was gonna change his ways, boy was I wrong. After a heart to heart with the fam, Gordon got these folks hooked up with a brand new menu and some killer decor for their dated restaurant. 

 I figured now they were on easy street to fast money and city-wide accolades but there were a few more wrinkles in this tragic drama. Yea I’m talking about relaunch night folks! The pressure is on as Gordon oversees the action from the sideline. Just like Napoleon at the foot of the Pyramids, the way home was lost and this family had to press on or be forever devoured by history. 

Things started off well enough but as the pressure began to build so did the cracks in this tightly knit family business. Shit really hit the fan when the family began to argue vehemently and point blame in all directions. Orders were coming out late, the crowd was growing restless, the end was nigh. 

Just as I’m about to give up hope, BOOM, Gordon steps in to gather the troops. He brings the entire family into the alley for a impromptu pep talk and that’s when the magic happens. Suddenly the family is born anew with clarity and purpose. The crowd goes nuts as dish after dish of hot delicious chow comes rolling out the kitchen!

Bravo Mr. Ramsay! I don’t know who changed more from this experience, was it me? Perhaps it was that humble family from Colorado that started all those years ago with nothing but a dream and a whole lotta love. Either way, we’re all forever in your debt. 


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